Front door at East Side Elementary School, PS 267

East Side Elementary School, PS 267 is a community of learners where wonderers come to learn, where observation and imagination are celebrated and where the question “why” is welcomed and encouraged. It is academically rigorous, with a strong foundation in math and literacy and an emphasis on science, social studies and the arts.


The three driving principles in our approach to teaching and learning are to ensure that rigor, purpose, and engagement are the basis for all planning and instruction. To support these principles, students need to make a connection between what they are learning and real life. They need an opportunity to delve deeply into units of study about the world around them in authentic and meaningful ways.


Our goal is to ensure that the wonder and excitement that students bring with them not only lasts, but also deepens as they journey through elementary school and into middle school.


PS267 Family Handbook

The 2020-2021 Family Handbook is currently pending.

For more information about the school, please see the 2019-2020 handbook below and check back for updates

PS267 Family Handbook

School Location and Hours

PS267 is located at 213 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10065


Please consult with the school calendar for scheduled closings or partial days.


Please make sure you have filled out the health screening form and have it available for a staff member to check.  You can fill out the form online https://healthscreening.schools.nyc.


Arrival Schedule

8:30 am- 4th and 5th grade

8:35 am- 2nd and 3rd grade

8:40 am- 1st grade

8:45 am- Kindergarten


Dismissal Schedule

1:35 pm- Kindergarten

1:40 pm- 1st grade & 2nd grade

1:45 pm- 3rd grade

1:50 pm- 4th and 4th grade


The school administration asks that students be dropped off and picked up on time.  If you are early please wait across the street until the appointed time.  Everyone picking up a child must carry photo ID at all times.  No child will be dismissed to anyone not listed on your emergency contact form and/or without photo ID. Teachers need to be ready at 2:00 pm every day for office hours, and we appreciate your support in keeping everyone safe during this transition.


Admissions, Tours and Open House Information

Please visit the DOE Website to confirm your zoned school and to learn more about the registration process.


If you have any further questions please contact our parent coordinator, Bailey Gendron.


213 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10065

School Main Line: 212-888-7848


Staff & DOE Information

Key Staff

Principal: Medea McEvoy

Assistant Principal: Farah Chowdhry

Parent Coordinator: Bailey Gendron

DOE Information