There are no afterschool programs for the Fall of 2020.  Please check back as more updates are made available for Spring of 2021.


You can also check out some of our affiliates and the programs they may be offering outside of PS267.


Drama Zone


DramaZone® is an Award Winning childhood movement based revolution! DramaZone specializes in making exercising fun while learning more! They have been the trusted source for an outstanding enrichment education since 2004! Their high end programming and consummate teaching professionals set the “barre” in the arts and arts movement.



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Password: DZSTUDIO


Chess NYC

Chess NYC has long established itself as the leader in Chess excellence

and education. The Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize the sport and fun of Chess. Providing engaging, accelerated instruction followed by supervised, spirited play, each student associates Chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant, game of Chess.


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Simply Sports

Simply Sports is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with supervised, fundamental learning experiences in an athletic setting. Simply Sports always focuses on the positive, fun aspects of learning enabling each child to enjoy the instruction and develop both their aptitude and self-confidence. Their motto is fun, friendship & fair play.



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KP for Kids Karate

KP for Kids is a professional karate program staffed with well-trained instructors that demonstrate respectful behavior in an active, physical, fun-loving environment.  It is their philosophy that all children must be treated respectfully in order to emulate that behavior towards others.  Additionally, children should have access to a safe, healthy, encouraging activity that will help develop not only their physical abilities but their mental focus and concentration. 

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